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Biotok Unity

Quick Overview

All in one - Electrophysiology, 3D Navigation, Stimulator, Ablator, Irragation pump. Best compatibility!

Comply with European standards (CE Mark)

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Biotok Unity contains all the necessary equipment for endovascular and operative ablation of cardiac arrhythmias.



- Simultaneous visualization of positions up to 108 (endocardial) - 300 (epicardial) electrode poles in real time.

- Construction and visualization of virtual electrodes based on selected poles of multipolar catheters including such as basket type, Lasso, PentaRay etc.

- Visual modes: 3D + 3D stereo modes.

- Simultaneous visualization of navigation field in multiple projections.

- Storage catheter positions and ablation points during ablation with dynamic memorization of spatial, temporal, and amplitude point characteristics.

- Dynamic visualization of isochronous and spectral maps on 3D models of atria and ventricles.

- Quick reconstruction of heart chambers using multipole catheters.

- Automatic multichannel measurement of myocardial activation time.

- Internal commutation of cardiostimulator with all electrophysiological channels.

- Comprehensive synchronous recording all electrophysiologic and navigation data including ablation and stimulation parameters.

- Determination of contact force for any existing ablation catheter.

Demo video and pictures

Automatical smart mapping of atypical flutter

Mapping of WPW

Isochronal and voltage Smart Anatomical Mapping of Right Ventricle

Activation mapping with Smart Anatomical Map of Left Atrium

Anatomical reconstruction of the left atrium in real-time

Demonstration of Biotok Unity EP software for AVNRT ablation

Reconstruction of Right ventricle

3D reconstruction in Biotok Unity XR

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